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At Heavenly Stables you will be able to enjoy the perfect horse riding vacation along the seaside coast suburb of Sardinia Bay, Lovemore Park in Port Elizabeth. Here you will have the opportunity to revitalize yourself with a horse riding experience second to none and take in some spectacular scenery which will leave lasting memories!

Find the magic in the tranquillity and majesty of this incredible place rich in wildlife, natural beauty and have the opportune privilege of beach horse riding where you can enjoy the freedom of cantering along the Indian Coast.

The ghosts of Dutch adventurers tenaciously cling to this isolated haven where you can canter along its deserted ocean beaches, ride the rugged bluffs with the great ocean crashing against the sand far below, and meander on trails through the magnificent Sardinia Bay reserve. Your host Jackie invites you to ride with her on her prized string of much loved horses.

Heavenly Stables provides a line up of wonderfully well-trained quality horses, in English style saddles. The quality of horses available to ride are top notch and so are the exciting trails you will discover together. This is a horse riding holiday break that caters for various types and levels of riders, as the riding group is intermittently broken up throughout the day’s trail to allow experienced riders to ride the optional fast stretches and where novice riders can opt for a relaxed version, all meeting up again further along the route.

Experienced riders will welcome and appreciate the opportunity to test their skills on a mock endurance ride along the way. The guide can teach riders all the fine details about the fine tuned conditioning of the sport horse and the intricacies of a long distance trek! The trail and Coast Ride along the beautiful beaches offers, the Sardinia reserve and up into the coastal range, richly covered with towering dunes, views that stretch to what seems like eternity.

The boutique style self catering apartment on the farm makes for the perfect lodging accommodation.

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Plot 431, Sardinia bay Road, Lovemore Park, Port Elizabeth.
-34.0130774, 25.53111960000001
081 890 7080

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7am - 7pm
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