Which horse treats do horses prefer?

Horse treats:

Sometimes you need to feed your horse a supplement or medication, and she just won't cooperate. So how can you make it more appealing? Which horse treat do horses actually prefer?

We all like to give horse treats to reward good behaviour. Sometimes we need to give our horses something especially tasty to get them to take their medicine. Or just because we love to make them happy.

So which flavour do horses like the most?

You probably would guess peppermint, molasses, or carrot. Maybe even chocolate.

Those might be great for you, but it turns out these rank pretty low among horsey favorites.

How about oats? Or bran? Don't horses love bran mashes?

Nope. Not those, either.

OK, how about apples. Surely, the must rank way up there in horsey favorites.

Afraid not.

So what do horses love the most? You won't believe the answer.

Deborah Goodwin, BSc, PhD at the University of Southampton, England, tested equine choices in horse treats on 12 different flavours (including peppermint). The results were published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science (2008). The three top horse treats that horses loved were:

1. Fenugreek

2. Banana

3. Cherry

Peppermint ranked 7th. (Fenugreek is a spice you can buy at the supermarket)

So next time you want to reward your horse with a treat, try mixing in some Fenugreek into your oats balls or try a bunch of bananas or cherries!!

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